Amerika-mura is a district that has developed since the early 1970s as a center of youth culture and information in the Kansai region. About 2,500 shops are scattered around the Triangle Park.

The area is also home to many second-hand clothing stores, clothing shops, and record shops. It is also called “Shibuya, Harajuku of the West” and has become a Mecca for young people representing the Kansai region.

The buildings that look like ordinary buildings have countless tenants inside, making it a spot where you can enjoy a hideout-like atmosphere.

The unique objects and buildings here are sure to give you an enjoyable experience just by looking at them.


nameAmerika Village
residenceNishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


2 minutes walk from Exit 7 of Osaka Municipal Subway Shinsaibashi Station.

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