In Higashi Osaka you can still see the old streets and feel the atmosphere of history. There are many other historic buildings in the town, and it is a town full of emotion.

There are also many elaborate hot springs and sento (public bathhouses) scattered throughout the town, where you can spend a peaceful and relaxing time.

Access to Higashi-Osaka and Yao

You can get around most places by Kinki Nippon Railway. However, it is inconvenient to change trains with JR.

Sightseeing spots in Higashiosaka and Yao

Dream 21 A facility where you can learn science with your whole body

Naruwa Park

 A park where you can feel nature with your body
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dark pass 

The tasteful road that Basho also passed through
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Genki Onsen

Yatsuo Oyuba Popular Super Public Baths in Kansai

Ishikiri Tsurugi Shrine 

It is familiar with “Denpo no Kami-san” that cures a pimple.

Hiraoka Shrine 

A shrine surrounded by mountains in the Ikoma Mountains

Hotel Seiryu

Enjoy the night view while soaking in a hot spring

Ryotaro Shiba Memorial Hall 

A museum built to commemorate Ryotaro Shiba

Gokurakuyu Higashi Osaka 

A hot spring where you can enjoy the same spring quality as Kinosaki Onsen

Yao Municipal Museum of History and Folklore 

Enjoy learning about the history and geography of Yao City

Natural Hot Spring Kaze no Yu Shin-Ishikiri Branch 

The main attraction is the new style of waterfall takinotamayu (waterfall ball bath).

Turtle Onsen Kawachi Yamato no Yu 

You can enjoy elaborate ki buy os

peach orchard 

Numerous Japanese sweets that add color to the four seasons

Minowa-no-sato Hot Spring 

Great effect for beautiful skin! You can enjoy a variety of saunas

Daisho Shougunji Temple 

One of the three Taishi of Kawachi, the “Lower Taishi”.

Jokoji Temple 

The temple that is said to be the birthplace of Kawachi Ondo

Hotels in Higashiosaka and Yao

Useful websites for sightseeing in Higashi-Osaka and Yao

  • Higashi-Osaka Tourist Association
  • Daito City Website
  • Yao City website:
  • Kashiwabara City Home Page

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