Ikasuri Shrine is an old shrine that is revered as the local deity of the area and is nicknamed “Zama-san” by the local residents.

The five deities, Ikasuri no Kami, Ikai no Kami, Fukui no Kami, Tsunanagai no Kami, Habiki no Kami, and Asuwa no Kami, are collectively called Zama no Kami, and have long been known as the god of safe delivery, family protection, and travel safety.


nameIkasuri Shrine
business hours7:30-17:00(Shrine office)
business holidaywithout a holiday
feeFree in the precincts
residence4 Watanobe 3, Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
telephone number06-6251-4792


3 minutes walk from Exit 15 of Osaka Municipal Subway Hommachi Station.

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